skeletons charge at a warrior

the axes were never meant to be purple but they were in game, so i used that to my advantage and made them look like they were magic. convincing?

guy at bottom is comin out of ground, dosnt really look like it though so ill make sure i wont do that next time.

c&c please

The skeletons look very crazy(in a good way)!
Maybe it could be a little bit darker in my opinion!

Anyways very nice picture!

Me like

I like this, darius_bielecki. I’d definitley like to see more.

A bit dark, and the skeleton in front is missing a portion of his leg, but I like it anyway. Well done.

What do yuo mean, the leg is bend and the camera angle is making an illusion that a portion of the leg is missing.


Remindes me of those skeletons in Oblivion.

Expect these ones don’t have feeds.

thx everyone, im glad i got good feed back.