So hopefully I can ask on here about this… I want to rip Sketchfab models but previous scripts dont work on .binz files… Any one willing to help on this?..

I don’t think we can answer the question here. Go to 4Chan or something.

You do NOT rip Sketchfab models, PAY THE ARTIST the amount they ask, or do NOT use their models AT ALL, there is NO in between, we will NOT help you undermine the artist industry and SCAMMING artists out of their WELL EARNED money, you WILL PAY the artist the money they ask, and if they don’t have a price or a download link, it means they DO NOT want their model STOLEN either.

I-is this copypasta material or just raw emotion caused by not being able to handle “”“payment”"" in exposure?

It is not a copypasta, this is me, why do you think so?

I meant if it you had written with the express purpose of being used by others as a copypasta

I was just kindly informing our dear visitor of the etiquette, this was not sarcasm, quite the opposite, I was being very genuine here.


Are you talking about converting a free sketchfab model into s&box usable ones? If so then you will have to manually go through the process of creating vmats and using modeldoc. There is no script / tool for this yet.

But if you are trying to find some magic script that just bypass’s / pirates sketchfabs payment wall for pay2own models then you are in the wrong place, We don’t pirate and leak things on this forum.

yes you guys have made that quite clear.