SketchUp help

Hi ive been mapping in hammer for a while now and just figured out that you can make vmf files with Google’s SketchUp and was wondering how you would go about making a displacement in Sketchup to use in hammer.

It’s not possible.

that sucks making hills and stuff in sketchup is so much quicker

I’m pretty sure you can export the 3d model, then turn the model into a brush.

I’m pretty sure he’s asking for a displacement, not brushwork.

What do you think displacement is? Brushwork.

The one on the left is possible to make in sketchup and export to hammer, the right is not (unless you want it to appear as 128 triangular brushes, but that’s a whole different mess with VVIS)

Displacements don’t seal the void or get cut up during BSP/VIS calculations, they are different than brushes.

I stand corrected, I apologize.

oh well i guess ill have to make the hills and stuff in hammer kind of a shame though seeing as how simple sketchup is and smooth you can get the hills quickly.

Smooth hills are ridiculously easy to make in hammer.
Make the ground out of 1024x1024 power 3 displacements, then manipulate them using a paint geometry with high radius (512+) and low distance (1-5). Voila, smooth hills.

I use 1024-2048 radius, but that may just be me.


I use a wide variety, 2048 and higher to get rolling plains, 512-1024 decreasing in size to create hills and mountains.

I use like 128 - 256 - 512 displacements :v:

I use 128 if I’m making a small map, or if I can afford it.

Since when do you need to purchase displacements…? :v:

Expense, Price, Affordability, and Richness are all terms to describe the render time of a map, the more expensive the longer.

Not quite, it’s more like the cost in processing power. Things like func_reflective glass are expensive, because they take a lot of processing power to calculate the reflections. The use of this wording probably stems from Valve’s use of it to describe water textures as cheap and expensive.

Since when was making hills easy in sketchup?