sketchup is pro

in the new L4d authoring tools, valve gives you a plugin for the simple to use 3d cad program by google called sketchup. It works somewhat similar to hammer, but rather then making the brushes in the 2d views, you can edit in 3d space. I might add that it can be used in the orange box and ep1 engine versions of hammer as well.

sample map using sketchup and the ep1 engine-

I wiped this sucker out in 5 min in sketchup, ported it to hammer, put some dev textures on it, so don’t comment on how gay it is.

very useful tutorial-

Yeah it seems useable… But I find hammer really fucking easy to use. so no need to change program for me.

The shit always imports shit off grid and making it unable to load.

Cool but needs a hotkey for grouping in Skecthup to be more useful

Yeah, it’s fast, then you import it and it’s all off grid. Wonderful wonderful errors.

I read somewhere SketchUp also makes stuff way too high poly (could result in slow compiling, I guess).

That with a good hammerlike grid would be awesome

maybe valve will do that with the sketchup plugin in an update.

I always sucked at making things in SketchUp

If you specify a grid matching that of hammers it is highly effective.

Sketchup is handy for prototyping things.

I hope they do that

in the video, he says stuff about scaling in inches like hammer, but how do you do the grid?

In one of the tutorials for sketchup modelling it tells you how to toggle and scale a grid.

id use it if you didnt have to work in the same way as in hammer

Do you happen to have a link for that tutorial?

FYI, putting heavy metal in the background doesn’t make it awesome.

The only use I found for the plugin was the .mdl exporter. You can make better brushwork in hammer much quicker and on-grid.


That is why you add a grid or make one.