Sketchup to gmod?

im thinking of starting modeling, so is there any way of getting models form goodle sketchup to gmod?

Compile them?[/smart ass]

Yeah, get the .smd exporter from the Valve dev wiki under L4D tools. Export it from Sketchup as .smd, then get it uvmap’d in some program, texture it and then compile it.

i dont have mucn knowledge in modelling, but i would be greatful if you could recomend some programs for the UVMapping and compiling, i jsut read an article about mapping and you can just copy textures from HL2 to Sketchup

Lithunwrap for uvmapping. here.
Compiling doesn’t need any special tools. here.

Cool, now I can UVmap with milkshape, thanks for the link Pyromaniac!

thanks man!

Yup it’s good for that ^^ and rigging too :stuck_out_tongue:

To port directly from sketchup you need to extract the .dae file from the .kml (think it’s kml) by unzipping it. Just look up how to get the .dae from a sketchup file. Once you have the .dae you need the fbx converter from autodesk and you use that to convert the .dae file to a .3ds or .fbx which can be read by other programs. You may be able to get a dae importer for some programs but I think only 3dmax’s one works as far as I know.

You could also export a .obj file if you have the full version of sketchup (which would be less much hassle), but i’ve not yet seen any reference of anyone ever having the full version @.@ (probberly because other programs are better, I don’t know).

Silver, why don’t just get the .smd exporter from the valve dev wiki and then save from sketchup to .smd right away?

Ah didn’t know there was one ^^ I was only saying how I knew of how to do it, I had no idea an exporter had been made ~.~

Edit: You got a link?

here ya go mate :slight_smile:

i know its authoring tools for left 4 dead but its in there :slight_smile: just go in and fine the sketchup folder, (thers a guide sumwhere) and drop it into the plugins folder in sketchup…done : D

If I could play gmod on this computer, I’d be doing a lot of models in Sketch up right now.

Is there a tutorial for getting from the stage of exporting the .smd file for a prop from sketchup through finishing, compiling and on to throwing the prop at someone on gmod? I have no trouble using sketchup as I use it a lot for creating models to render, and I exported into crysis ok, but the source export and compiling seems so confusing as I am new to code etc.

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I would export the model to .3ds and open it in 3ds max.
Weld all edges and smooth it. (Google SU models are always raw models with no welded edges)
and then export it to a .smd