SkethcUp model to Source model?

Is it possible to convert a SketchUp model in a Source format (.mdl) ?

Can someone convert one of these files to a .mdl?


.mdl files are compiled .smd files, you need to convert them first.
Sketchup pro can export to Max.

It’s been awhile since I’ve used sketchup, but last I recall it supported OBJ, maybe even smd now. but for sure obj.

from obj you can import into a program that allows for smd exportation. then as state compile the smd into mdl which you can use as a prop in gmod… etc.

one thing to note is that sketchup seems to use alot of diffuse colouring rather then textures, or so I find many do. so before you compile you will have to give the model textures, just texture of a shade, but a texture no less. (UVunwrapping not needed)

Can someone do it`?

I’ll give it a try.

Well if you give me the .skp I think I can export it to a usable .3ds

Here is the download: LinK!

i know it seams kinda big but can ya make this one into a model it would be nice

can someone pls make a video of how you go from Sketchup to SMD? i will supply a very simple model too! thanks

I also included the textures in case if someone does make this video, they will have them.


oooh is this a request thread

I used to Rule sketchUp, One day hoping there would be a direct port for Maps or Models, I have all my old files saved…on my mac.

I’m drowning in my own tears right now.

here, ive just started using sketchup, follow this