Ski Chalet Logo / Sign

…so I’m making this map, rite

map name needs to be represented somewhar, rite

GRAMMARTIME The map is basically a ski lodge, and it’s called ‘Scarlet Sun.’

I was just wondering if anyone would do me a favor and model me a sign of the logo, said logo being:

I’d like it to be raised, plz. And if not a raised model, at least a transparent overlay? I don’t know how to make overlays, only basic textures.

Anyway, Model wise, I’d like it to be one of these foam sign king of things, like this.

And as for material, uh, wood, I guess. Or that default one that just makes a knocking noise when it’s hit with something.

Either way, thanks for the help in advance. c:

This what you want?

Holy crap, yes, that’s exactly what I want. It’s awesome. :smiley: However is there any way you can do the text on the bottom as well? (The Ski Chalet & Suites)

If not that’s not a problem at all. It looks awesome the way it is, thank you so much.