Me and my buddies have got a new server for everyone to come play on. We are a small group of mature (20+ of age) experienced PC gamers and would like to extend our love of RUST and our server to everyone. Our goal is to get a good population going on the server for some top notch PVP and Raiding.

Server Name: Skibidibee/Rust/Vanilla/PVP/Sleep/Wiped/3/4/2014

Location: US, Chicago, Illinois.
PVP On: Yes
Sleepers On: Yes
Active Admins: Yes
Type: Vanilla

How To Quick Connect: When RUST is running hit F1 to open console and type/paste in net.connect I usually just paste that in using ctrl + v. Hit Enter. You should now be loading into the server :slight_smile:

We have several very experienced Admins which will be active almost 24/7. Even when we aren’t in the game we keep an eye on the server with our mobile devices. Our only focus as admins is to ban hackers and glitchers. Nor will we spawn anything in game for ourselves or others, we are all regular players unless a hacker/glitcher shows up. We have a couple set rules set up which are pretty standard.

  1. No Cheating or Hacking, People doing this will be Banned on the spot !

  2. No Glitching, This means no glitching into rocks/bases. We know this can happen on accident, if you get into a rock please jump out.

  3. If you have any issues or problems in the server please ask in chat for an Admin.

So get on in the server, help get a solid population going and hopefully by this weekend we can have some Events for prizes !