SkidCheck - Known Sethhack user warning script!

SkidCheck, an easy way to identify known Sethhack users on the current server!

It uses IDs collected from various friend’s servers and pastebin trawling. It’s very easy to edit/add new IDs as It’s just a local table. It also checks the SethBlock database too!

(Note: The creator of SethBlock is known to add people who don’t cheat to his list, so take anything it says as a high possibility, not a hard fact)

5 seconds after spawning, if the player’s SteamID is in the table, it goes WOOP WOOP and shows it’s message:

To install, just place the lua file in your lua/autorun/client folder.

Download mirrors:

EDIT: There’s also a reset command to re-send the messages, sk_reset

Are these confirmed sethhackers or are they just who you believe are. Unless there is proof, innocent players could be plastered as Seth Hackers.

Just my two cents.

About half are from my friend’s server’s anticheat, the rest are from other server’s public banlists.

I can’t say for sure that they’re all 100% sethhackers, but most of them are (or at the worst just generic cheaters)

Does this anticheat actually work?

(Just making sure it’s not innocent people)

Yes, very. I don’t want to risk saying what server it’s on due to potential for DDosing, but i’m friends with the admin and the anticheat is very good. hundreds of total cheater bans (for various cheats) on it so far.

Are you sure you should be using SethBlock?

As with any central database system there’s going to be non-cheaters in it, but it’s worth having anyway.

Take anything SethBlock says as a possibility of cheating, not 100% cheater. After all all it does is a message (i wouldn’t use the sethblock list as a real banlist)

Looks like the rest of the code got cut off on the codepad and pastebay links…

Why not get your friend’s anitcheat

Obfuscate it

Give it to select people

Hmm, it seems that codepad doesn’t like more than 1188 lines

I’m pretty sure Garry added a VAC ban for things like this already. But awesome nonetheless

It’s useless for stopping people cheating on your server there and then. Plus it isn’t really that reliable at all, from what I can gather it was just a year old list from some big community, it seems anyone who got SethHack in the 6-8 months before cheaters.cfg was added has gone completely undetected. I can’t be sure because garry was rather cryptic about how it works, but from what I can gather he takes suspected cheaters, adds them to a list and then if they’re on that list his own detector kicks in to confirm it, and then they’re added to cheaters.cfg. That makes sense from what I can suspect/guess, but logically it seems a bit flawed, why not just test everyone? The only reason I can think of is that his method of detecting it isn’t very stable or is performance intensive, but there are plenty of ways of detecting SethHack (and other cheats) easily with Lua, let alone with the power garry has, so I don’t get it.

Honestly, it seems like everyone made a big deal about cheaters.cfg when it was first added, but now it seems rather neglected.

I can confirm that the 500 bans listed as “SP” are cheaters.

Edit: I’m also about to ban another 54 ID’s if you want them. I’d also recommend checking our list for alts of cheaters, we’ve got around 150 of them listed.

SethBlock is an inaccurate piece of shit.

Are you talking about HeX?

If it is, it’s HeX’s anticheat is incorrect. I’m listed as a sethhacker, while I’ve never used it. I should be listed as a generic cheat.

Everyone that knows HeX also knows that he’s putting every griefer, sher, ddoser into the same bin. So even if a minge hardly ever used a hack, they’ll end up on that list. Hence, that list is inaccurate as fuck.

wazzup with the recently registered

I haven’t had an account in a long while, but I figured this is something I could have some useful input on; so I made a new one.

The “SP” ones are from your list i think, it was a “StonedPotatoes Banlist” i found on pastebin. Post all the new IDs you have and i’ll add them.

(There’s 876 bans there by cheating, and 50-150 more that are alts of cheats)

Have fun.