SkiFree Yeti?

Would it be hard to make a NPC/Entity of the SkiFree Yeti? it would only need 3 behaviors:

  1. Roam a NPC Noded map looking for people to kill (3rd row, 4th and 5th sprites)
  2. Chasing and Killing people (Eating is 3rd row, sprites 4 to 8)
  3. Gloating afterwards (sprites for this are 3rd row 9th sprite, and 4th row, first sprite looping a few times)

It doesn’t have to use a 3D model, in fact, i want it to use the original sprites (if not resized a bit to be roughly proportionate to the player), which can be found at . Could someone please make this? i’m honestly a bit surprised it hasn’t been done.

A Bit of background on the yeti: SkiFree was a game included with Windows 3.1 in the Entertainment pack. You’d think it was just a normal skiing game until you got apx. 2000 Meters down the mountain, but then this fucker would start chasing you and eat you. With a bit of cheating and some attentiveness, though, you could avoid it and live another day. However, crash once whilst sped up and you’d be lunch for a hungry mountain monster…