I’ve been searching around and haven’t found anything like this… So if someone could be bothered to take a look at this and at least tell me if it’s doable, or try to make it. The closest thing I can get to skis is a hoverboard, and that’s not good…

Hmm, sounds interesting enough, like having a couple of planks attached to a player’s feet or something, then if you tap forward, you push yourself a bit in that direction.

I’ll play around with this.

Yeah, something like that… Also, the obvious, as in “you don’t have to push yourself down a hill do you” kind of way…

EDIT: By that I meant that they should ride down a slope…

Well yes, but you may have ski poles.

Sure, ski poles would be great.

I hope there someone releases a gamemode with winter sports. All kinds I mean, skiing, snowboarding, jumping, bobsleigh… The closest to bobsleigh is snowsled. How I wish sigh.

weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Ok sorry, Just had to do that. Winter games… Sounds good, I remeber playing Sled Build, Was kinda fun.