<<Skill>> Serious Boat Roleplay

[release]Now, I know all of you are going to bitch about it not being serious because it is DarkRP.
I try to keep it as serious as I can.
At times, it may not be serious, at times it may be serious. It all depends on the players at the time.
Anyway, I’ve had a server similar to this in the past, and thought I’d bring it back.
The map is harbor2ocean_navalb1.
Basically, you can build a boat, or get a house, or join the coast guard. The coast guard rescue drowning citizens and stuff of the sort. Server is still in development, just brought it up today.
Any ideas you may have, feel free to post.
Come on by and try it out.
You will need Wire, PHX, and Sakiaras’s helicopter.[/release]

Finally its up :D!

Weird theme, good luck. After all this time of making fun of DarkRP you use it? Oh god. Atleast use Cider man.

Cider is a piece of shit. DarkRP is also a piece of shit.

Cider isn’t half bad, actually. It’d be better for what you’re doing.

This DarkRP server was actually pretty decent. If you are under the age of 16, this place is great. There’s alot of kids that are around the 12-16 age group and everyone is friendly, I haven’t really seen any trolls, and most of the kids role-play

*moderately okay*

overall, it’s not a bad server to be honest, and I don’t like DarkRP either.


Put more effort into making your thread look nice.

You go bitch ppl using darkRP then you advertise a DarkRP server good job…

I made a server similar to this before… But then realized that without a proper boat making system and admins on 24/7 it would fail, good luck.

Could I be admin on it? :o
Lol. I’m coming on it soon. ;D

If you can RP, and RP well, sure.

use [release] [/release tags to make it a bit nicer, man? (Add the ] at the end of /release for it to actually work.)

Yeah. Not just release tags,but quote too, and highlight, and underline, bold etc.

your avatar makes me want to kill you.

You guys should drop by sometime, we usually get quite a few people on within the next 2 hours.

14 people on, having alot of fun.

In the famous words of RoFLWaFFLEZZ

" Its DarkRP - Its not serious! "

Read the OP.
I said it may or may not be serious depending on the players.

The Roleplay seems a bit empty. There isn’t really anything to do, any time I’ve been on the only thing players are doing is camping the Oil Rig protruding their “Elitist Personalities”. Not to mention everyone and their mother have admin/no clip.