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Gone for now.

Its a cool Server, I’ve been on it and i like it. Not many minges or abusers at all. :dance:


Nice server, keep up the good work (Y)

Just finished a bunch of updates. More weapons, rebel clothing, added health dispensers.
Edit: Credit to Steven :smiley: for that, forgot to add that in.

It was pretty cool on rp_city11_night_v1b you guys should keep that map

We are trying city 8 out now, if we stick with this we’ll be upgrading to 60 slots or so.

Epic server, No mingers, admins are great, everyone gets along fine, very organized. Awesome.

Dont get a huge amount of slots until you believe you can fill up your current maximum easily with serious people.

Either being DDoSed or our host is shitting a brick. Going to be down for a while so we can figure it out.

What host?


Ya we kept DC’ing every 10 minutes

Xenon Is amazing.[period]

What script does this run, Tacoscript? Cakescript, Err… Dark RP?

Edit : I’m a fucking idiot.

Alright. DDoS stopped. Back up.

I’ve seen you’ve been on city8 for some time, try changing to new maps there’s tons of servers with that map

What map would you recommend for us?

City 8 is working out quite nicely.

c18, c11 and maybe the city8 district and canals