Skill Serious RolePlay


I’m going to go on now to see if it’s any good.


I thought you could only bump once every 24 hours.:confused:

Didnt know :o

This isn’t serious at all. Just another DarkRP server.

The Evocity roleplay isn’t as serious, Downtown is serious though.

Terrible role play. More like a dark rp edit.

Hardly, first day I came on, the admins and other “clan” members were holed up in a building most of the time, not Roleplaying, just in one building doing shit.

The next day I join there were no admins in sight all day (yesterday). The RP was relaxed, but still RP, but due to there being no admins we had a RDM’er joining every time he was autokicked. And a group of gangsters who took me hostage under RP terms, then decided to just constantly attack me and my property. NOT RP.

Now for complaints on your edit;
You HUD is terrible, it’s an eyesore to look at, uninspired and very very ugly.
Your custom classes are abusable as fuck, as most of the ones with weapons aren’t even voted in classes (case in point: Thief)
No custom shipments, so no real complaints there.
You added a PC tech job, but still made it possible for anyone to use the PCMod tools…thats just fucking stupid as it puts the tech out of work. Also upgrade to PCMod2, has some nicer features.

Can you give me the names of the ones fucking around?

Agreed, The Server is just full of pointless jobs.

Truck Driver And MTL Truck Driver? Umm Same Thing?
Truck Driver’s Dont Tow Cars.
And The Hud Is Really ugly.
Your Server is Full Of Minges. Your Admins Abuse like crazy, You guys dont tend to deal with Abusing Admins.

You obviously haven’t played it, Its alot different now. We have 4 admins, We demoted the rest.
Also, If you talk about pointless jobs, Go look at your old server.

This isn’t serious at all, I kept getting beat with the stun stick when I joined…

I wouldn’t call a server with that name and a DarkRP edit serious.

Umm, No, you joined and rdmed everyone.


EDIT: Enough hate D:

Bad. I tried it, and I said someone was prop blocking. They were like “No U!”. It is also on downtown now, not cool.
GUI is OK, but it would be nicer with 2 colours, not 3.
Ditch classes, they ruin creativity.
Yeah. Words.




Got anough hate I see eh?
Lots of complaints of adminge… Oh boy, need help :P?

Well, this is Explicit if you do rofl.