Skill system

****“We might introduce customization in terms of skills (or something similar) at some point in the distant future, though.” Maxof2DS

"I was considering adding a skill system so you would get better at survival things, or healing, or crafting etc, none of it would be combat related though " Helk

***This proposed skill system will add yet another goal for any players to not only progress through technology but also as a survivor. ***

There are ten skill categories (placeholders):

Gunsmith: as you progress gun and ammo crafting times will decrease, reload times and the possibility of jamming will also increase. Also your guns will have no weapon mod slots available.

Thief (if stealing is added): the noise when stealing is decreased, you can steal quicker, also you have a possibility of getting bigger items when stealing (since it would be randomized)

Butcher: Cooking times are decreased, you get extra meat from kills, food fills up hunger more.

Mason: You get more from boulders, stone building times are decreased, you lose less calories when swinging the pickaxe

Hunter: Arrows can be retrieved more often, you get extra items from animals, you are less likely to alert them.

Carpenter: Wood planks become less expensive, wooden construction times are decreased, wood height limit is increased.

Athlete: sprinting takes up less calories, movement in general takes up less calories, jumping, climbing, swimming.

Bomber: Explosives can be thrown farther, have larger explosions, and take less time to craft

Engineer: Requires less to fully research an item, gets more when dismantling items, traps and defenses get crafted quicker

Medic: Med kits become a default recipe, you heal yourself quicker, food heals more.

Each category would have ten bars like this:

MASON [][][][][][][][][]

Every time you die you will loose a bar for each category

This would be a very slow process and will give players a goal to achieve and hopefully make them feel like they aren’t completely starting over when they die.

What do you guys think?

I see where you’re going with this, but I don’t think this is the direction this game is set to be in. It’s much more of a sandbox survival than an MMO/Leveling

I see where you’re coming from, but i think it has a lot of potential. It sets a goal for the end game and makes grinding more tolerable. I think it has too much potential to cut off simply because it is in a lot of mmos.

Also they devs have stated they want to put in some rpg elements into the game

From what I read a long time ago, garry has said he doesn’t want any mmo elements to the game period o.o. Maybe that is subject to change, but if it does change its definitely super lower on the priority list.

i think worst ideas

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no they havent

A dev commented on this a few weeks ago so ill go with them on it, it has tons of benefits which people fail to realize simply because it is in rpgs and mmos.

There already is “leveling” as such…

Every time you die, you need to study blueprints again… I see no issue with this idea really, so long as the “skill” gained by these kinds of “levels” were passive enough to not MASSIVE advantages… And also, you should have to start from scratch when you die :wink:

"I was considering adding a skill system so you would get better at survival things, or healing, or crafting etc, none of it would be combat related though " Helk

“We might introduce customization in terms of skills (or something similar) at some point in the distant future, though.” Maxof2Ds

Know what you’re talking about before you post dumbass :wink: angry because i embarrassed you on the Bolt Action Thread?

Can you link to any of that, Munoz? Has a bit more weight to it.

This is completely unnecessary and immature.

It is all within the “Rust Classes” thread by jonnymad

Just defending myself, he is going around rating all my threads dumb so i am just trying to expose him for the emotional idiot he is.

But you can’t bother to link to it when asked.

PM a mod instead of indirectly trolling him with threads if he’s spamming ratings on you.

it’s not a team fortress type game.

No need to be rude, there is a search bar you know

Indirectly trolling him with threads? That was by no means my intention whatsoever. I dont know how you came to think that.

Anyways, I started a community speaks thread, i would appreciate your input, you got some thoughts even though we never seem to get along.

All silly fighting aside, I would absolutely hate having a leveling/specialization tree built into this game. It is a very fast-paced survival of the fittest, and to be honest it already has specialization pre-built into being the part of a closely knit community. When working in a group many times one person learns schematics most, one gathers tons of materials, one person is making something else, etc. There isn’t a means to an “end-game” in this game other than gaining power over your surroundings and trying to survive. You’re at the mercy of your own creativity.

Also, I think leveling would only MUCH further persuade people to KoS, even those out there who are still trying to make friends would convert.

None of it would be combat oriented. It is all passive things. When you build shit a lot, you get better at it. I don’t see a negative side to it. No one would die because of it, give it some more thought because at first i didnt like it either.

IF they were to add this, I would expect those stats to reset upon death back to zero. Otherwise it becomes a who-plays-more. I don’t really see a benefit to adding it at all. I don’t want to have to worry about stupid stat points in a survival game.

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Also, most of what you listed above is directly related to combat so I don’t see how this would work. How loud you are, how far you can throw grenades, how fast you can reload, how fast you can heal are major points of direct combat. Not trying to tear your ideas down, but making something not effect anything combat related would basically limit it down to crafting/resource gathering only.

This is just a rough outline, obviously it has to be majorly tweaked. I agree that it should not affect combat. It should just make life easier on the player and give them another goal besides obtaining more items. It would also be less cruel on the player when they die some of their skills will be retained.

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Thanks for all the feedback everyone! It is helping me see where the community wants the game to head and helps me make the Community Speaks thread a lot better. Thanks again!

Agreed. It can’t NOT relate to combat. If player A can gather resources/craft/what have you faster than players B and C… He will always be able to pvp better.
I’m pretty new so am still getting a handle on it. Would love to see more persist through death but… I do love the realism.

No definitely but if you are the same character after death wouldn’t your skills remain along with all the recipes you’ve learned? I may present this again in the future with a much more polished version that would have much less of an impact of pvp.

also im not really spamming ratings i personally think this idea is kinda dumb so i rated it dumb

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lets turn it into nether at the same time as well