Skilled Rust Player Looking For Others To Team Up

I currently have 600 hours on the game. About 400 of them are from legacy. If anyone who is either at the same skill level or better than me would like to team up add me on steam : : I want to make a 6ish man group (Or join a current group) but we obviously dont all have to be online at the same time. I have a Blue Yeti microphone and we would all communicate through teamspeak. Having fun is okay by me but nothing too annoying and only seriousness when it is needed. (Engagements, making plans, etc.) I have a very aggressive playstyle, if you have loot I will kill you. If someone would be friendly to me I would still kill them if they have resources, its how I was trained from legacy. Plus the more resources I get killing players is the less time I have to spend farming. Im very good with melee, a bow, a gun, anything really. Im usually one of if not the best fighters in my previous groups.


this game takes skill to play?

Yes somewhat. You have to know what you’re doing. Get headshots in fights, be good at shooting a bow. But its mostly a power in numbers/farming game atm I do agree. Still fun though.