Skin Addon Help

Ahh, first post on these forums, never thought my first would be asking for help, but here it goes

I have a custom model, right? and It has it’s own skin that comes with it right?

I’ve made my OWN skin for it, but I don’t want to replace the current one, I’m not sure how to add my own skin to the exsisting model, my friend Blackadder, told me to copy the model, so I did that, copied the model, named it Model2 for convinince, made a materials folder and named it “model2” yet when I load it in game, It’s still the original skin, I’ve looked up tutorials on how to re-skin, but it’s only told me how to replace, I don’t want to be a bother and constantly asking people to do it for me.

The blue one with the green eyes is the original, and the black with the glasses is my re-skin, it looks like it works there, but in reality it’s the same colour.

So…any ideas or is there a topic on here somewhere that I can see?