Skin bug

Hello i have a skin/model bug, and i don’t know how to fix that, it’s on my server…

What is the issue exactly? that picture is way too dark to see what it is.

Yeah, I can’t see it either. Take a better picture.
Should stand like a boxer,

I forget to say, i’m playing on tacoscript mods, maybe that change something i don’t know…
Sorry for bad english i’m french…

Not all of the anims work you know, you’ve prolly named it wrong.

How to fix, you have an idea ? :’(

You need to upload HL2 models to the server.

They are on.

Upload everything in the Source 2007 Models folder to your server.

Where in the server?

To the same folders, just on your server.

Euhh… Everythings is on the server, i suppose… But still bugged.