Skin Drops - Some Clarification needed

Heya hows it going?

So I am aware of something that was added quite recently (Skins and Skin drops) and I was wondering how do you get them?

Now I have gotten 1 drop (Black Bennie), I have bought a few skins (Like 4 or 5) and I always play on a modded server (Server Name: AuNz Rust Is Life 500xGather,TP.Insta.Stacks,QuickSmelt & more!)
I havnt gotten a drop since the first drop I got. Is it due to playing on a modded server or is it another reason? Please help.

It’s the same on regular servers. Got one drop in like the last month.

Haven’t got a drop in weeks.

in like 5 last weeks i get 3 different baseball caps and 1 skin for jacket. + bought a tiger sleeping bag (awesome)

But I have played for weeks on end (On this modded server) and I haven’t gotten a single drop since the first time I opened rust and got a drop. Any tips on getting drops?