Skin, Gender formula based on seed+steam ID...

I know how and why body metrics are decided, but I have one more idea to run passed the team.

What about adding SEED to the mix. What will happen: from server to server, and after a wipe, all your metrics could change.

It’s like being born all over again and you could be different the next time. On Rust Island, you would always look the same, but elsewhere different.

Why? because the risk of someone not liking how they look, and in real life, that’s a real issue, instead of just quitting the game to get away from the problem, they could switch to a new server, or be happy with what they have, because it will different in the future.

People still will not be able to choose, but being born different. Just an idea.

I like this idea purely because it’d be nice to see different people running around instead of the same faces all the time. Still would have the diversity and randomness that Garry wants but with a bit more change over time.

I think it’s a good idea for variety, but your reasoning is bad. I’m a small-dicked black guy in Rust, and I really don’t care. It’s just playing another fictional character.

we are all beautiful on the inside~

If someone is unhappy because their avatar is forever and unwanted, then the logic would be, change it with as little code as possible. The variables already exist in the system - currently Rust is producing a body value where the Steam ID (SID) is one specific value and the SID never changes - but then can be more random by including the seed, a simple BODY=SID+SEED would do it. The demographic would be the same across the whole system, just from time to time, you would end up with a different body. For those who don’t like what they have, it offers them hope.

Not caring is no more valid a reason than caring. Sometimes we need a little veg to go along with our meat and potatoes. If a player is tall and strapping, but wanted to be short and stout then logic would suggest, overtime, they could be envious whenever they see another player with the body they wanted.

An alternative, don’t let players see their bodies at all. So they don’t know what they are.

There’s a lot of time spent developing bodies and skins. Let everyone get to participate in all shades, shapes and genders… It could be fun seeing your mate show up to a raid party, and they turned out to be completely different, after a wipe. Kind like Dr. Who.

In old rust, frankly everyone looked the same. In that case it was not an issue. Now that there is variety, there is always a chance that someone will become unhappy.

for those who dont like how they look… Get Over It!

i actually like this idea. although i’m an advocate for “get the fuck over it” when people ask for the ability to choose their race/gender/cock size, it’s a bit more interesting to have a random player model on each server you play on than the same bastard on every server. makes it a bit more like a different life each world;)