Skin Hex request.

It’s simple, i need someone to hex my Black Mesa Security Guard skins, which i made using bloocobalt’s Vault 101 Security models. I tried to Hex it myself, but it never worked.

Here’s a picture:

You can contact me on Steam, or Xfire, if you are too lazy to, i’ll upload it somewhere i guess.

Help would be very appreciated.

Looks like you’re giving H4lf-D3ad a run for his money.

They are very nice skins, they stay true to the original art.

I would do it but I’m too lazy.
I hope you can find someone to do this for you though.

Thanks, this is my very first skin anyway. I used to make skins for GoldSrc.

Hell, I’ll give it a shot. Post the models when you’re ready, and I’ll get to work.

Fantastic job, by the way.

Great, i’ll upload in no-time.


I Uploaded it now, here it is:

I Just tried to Hex again…Epic fail.

I have tried to hex them. Whenever I do, their spawnlist icon has a ‘MISSING MODEL!’ error, and the other models come out as effects, with no visible parts.

I will try again later.

Okay I hexed them and they are fully working(or at least they worked when I tested them).

Download and go crazy :v:

Thanks, a lot, i’ll start working on a pack maybe.