Skin Mapping an not UV model. [GMOD]

This is my very first thread and this thread shall be about skinning…

Recently I’ve gotten interested in skinning, more precisely, skinning cars for gmod. That means that I make a sort of skin that you can see on the car. An example of that is when you have a regular (TDM) GMC car that is white and you make a skin with stripes and texts etc… If you read this, your probably know. So I won’t go any deeper with this subject.

So my question is…Can you make a skin for an not UV model? I’m helping out a community that I like and they need an special “swat” car. I’m not in to modelling, just skinning. And Sgt.Sickness have converted an GTAIV car to an Garry’s Mod car. The Stockade. Apperantly it is not an UV model…

This is Sgt.Sickness own words:

“The stockade and all other gta cars aren’t uv mapped like you would think. They all use a small little single color block as the texture. There isn’t a way to properly skin them.”

-As he says, it’s not possible to skin that model. However I think it is, I just don’t know. He might know, he just haven’t replied yet and I’m an inpatient guy! So is this possible? Can you convert it or do it some other way?

I accidentally made a thread in wrong forum area and a guy said this:
“I believe you’ll have to recompile the model and create a UV map for it.”

-What exactly is recompile the model and how do I create an UV map?

-Please tell if you know.

Well first you’ll have to decompile a model into its’ .smd files. From there, you’ll need to import the reference.smd into a modeling program. Then, you can mark seams and unwrap a UV map for the model. The next step would be to export the modified reference.smd as the UV map is stored with the model, not the texture (to my knowledge)! After all that, you recompile the modified reference.smd that has the new UV mapping on it.
So it’ll take awhile, as UV maps are a pain to make from scratch. You may be able to just combine all the smaller UV maps into one big sheet, but I’m unsure of the situation with the models until I actually get to see for myself.
P.S. I’m not volunteering, I just thought I’d let you know about the process.

Alright, thank you for posting this… I will need to do a deep research on how to do this…I’m a complete newbie when it comes to this…unfortunately.