Skin me!

i was wondering if anyone out there could make me and a friend into gmod ragdolls. i would prefer if they dont replace any current ones if possible. Bellow is the pictures of me and my friend.





face detail

shirt detail





face detail2

shirt detail2

please let me know if anyone is willing to do this. the person that does will be credited to the fullest extent.


Highly doubtful since you didn’t post a picture of yourself for reference.

Post high-res images of your sides, front, back and any close ups of details that you really want on the model.
I won’t make it for you, but neither will anyone else without these images.

Just put your face in scanner.

I said I would send the pictures to the person who wants to do the skins for me. It seems that no one wants to help me. I just needed them for some videos I wanted to do


well i posted the pics so…if anyone can help…

I see so this place is only for requesting and bashing other peoples requests…no one actualy gets anything done…