skin quality

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Sorry but I’m really against crates and keys.
I know it sounds cheap but I prefer just buying the skin I want because I know those crates would be one huge money waste

the main reason i like the idea in rust is because you could have really new looking skins and it would make sense because its in a air tight military crate.

Sorry to disappoint, but the devs have stated that they would ideally like to use a system of crates/cases like CS:GO

Hopefully that’s not anytime soon. Crate gambling is a horrible f2p model.

Thing is, you’re not obliged to partake.

True. You won’t be at a disadvantage just because a dude had too much money on his hands and decided to spend 100 bucks on a “super cool swaggy orange-green camo” for his bolty.
I, for one, would not spend a single dollar on a useless skin that won’t improve my game in any way.