Skin request with incentive!

I was talking to Captain Charles a while ago about making gmod skins, but he’s busy.

Half-Dead told me it would be easy to make the skin that I want made, but he seems to be busy at the moment as well.

Most of the parts of the skin can be cobbled together from other skins, really simple just hacking together some models.

I’ll show you what I want.

This kind of jacket (or brown aviator jacket) with a white t-shirt underneath.

some gray, straight leg pants, like gray chinos. Not much texture on the pants since they’re not denim, just kind of flat gray with some wrinkles and creases and what-not just not too much texture.

Hand wraps kind of like this (Think scout from tf2)

and these kinds of boots

But here’s the most difficult part, the face (Half-Dead told me my face and body would be relatively easy to make into a skin since I’m a thin guy, people on the chubbier side supposedly aren’t)

Btw, yes I know I look gay in the pic, it was supposed to be a silly picture but it turned out good so I’m using it since it’s a good angle.

There will be some incentive, if being credited on the beginning title screen and credits of my machinima isn’t enough, but it would take a while to send you the money
(Not too long, though. I’ll have some money soon), just pm me the price range you’re thinking if you’re interested, and I’ll tell you whether I can do it or not.

Please PM me if you think you can help. If you show interest in my project and wish to contribute, I’ll brief you on the plot of the machinima.

Thanks a ton!
Squiggly line,
Space Man.