Skin request

Hi i tried quite a while ago at skinning and failed miserablly and then my friend pointed me to this thread and told me it could help me if there are people willing to do it so if you could help me what i want is a player model and ragdoll of my old SWG character pic below. and 2 more pics coming.


its for gmod and another pic


last pic

oh and one more thing this should be easy for whoever wants to try to make it there is already a mon calamari model its the admiral ackbar costume just color it cyan ad the patter on the head and change clothing


grr and also the model doesnt have to have the cloak as shown in the pics above if the cloak skirt and shirt are to hard to make than edit this and instead of helmet a mon cal head just like ackbars except stripes and blue

You forgot to use capitalization and punctuation.

So, instead of a skin you actually want a hacked player model?

I guess you could say that i just want the mon cal head thrown on with cyan and the marks instead of the helmet thats it. the guy who posted it said “Ask for permission before using it for anything else except npcs or playermodels.” So unless he means for the ask permission for using it for anything else by dont edit only make npc or player model than it should be fine. and for the capitalization and punctuation does it really matter?

sorry if i seem like an idiot but im a noob to the skins and models.


Ok what i want is the model edited by removing the helmet and adding my SWG characters head there. thats it it shouldnt be that hard and if i need to get permission from Ryan7259 for you I will

Ok here is a way easier to understand explanation of what i want if you can create a player model hacked player model whatever with working bones and animations from the 3 screenshots great cant do the cloak with skirt and shirt than use this model and remove the helmet or head whichever one you want to call it and add the admiral ackbar player model head to it and color it cyan and add the red patter on the head of the screen shots tell me if you need permission from ryan7259 and i will get it.
If Ryan7259 says he wont let me do that or you cant do that than just edit the admiral ackbar player model to be black shirt red stripes black pants red stripes and black boots and the cyan skin with red patter on head.
once again i am a noob to this so sorry if i dont make sense and if i have to draw a picture than i will!


After doing some searching i couldnt find the admiral ackbar player model so unless you have it you will need to make a mon calamari head if not than forget about the damn thing and i will find another model that i would like


a pic describing what to do and if no person can do this than i have decided a model that would be pretty neat Death troopers.

So if you actually want to replace the imperial guard head with mon calamari head, that’s called headhacking not skinning. Skinning means that you edit an already existing materials, you’re asking for model edit.

And since now you would want someone to model the head for you, it’s not going to happen.

Yes, yes it does. It’s annoying to read text that doesn’t have correct grammar. Especially if it’s missing punctuation. And top that with capitalization.