Skin show off

So i am showing off my first skin.
It’s not that good but i plan to better.
So it includes.
Holes (As in holes in the jacket) And strings coming off.
And it looks like they put paint on their clothes. I dunno how it made it like that but it looks cool.
Just give me a minute to upload it.
So these lucky 4 (Yes it only put it on 4 ragdolls for some odd reason feel free to tell me how to make it just one incase i want to make another skin for only one ragdoll).
I found a tutorial on hexing but i will do it later after i finish with my first skin.

Also it makes it so any part of the ragdolls body can go through the other parts (I always wanted that).
Tips please.

Things i plan to approve and add.

  1. Fix up the arms.
  2. Make the shirt look a bit better. Like with dirt and stuff.
  3. Do the pants or maybe i will keep it like that.
  4. Put some stuff on the shoes.
  5. Do the face or maybe hair. Or both.
    Also the picture looks like i had my graphics turned to low. But i don’t them have to low i have them to as High as they can go. It may look like that since i wasn’t that close enough.

The hell is wrong with his arms

I said in my first post. I Guess you didn’t read the first post then huh?

Next time read the post.

Ah i know how to fix it.
But i will do that tomorrow since i might be searching up tutorials.


Oops double post.

If you know it’s bad and know things need to be fixed, why don’t you fix them first before you post so you can avoid those types of questions?

TehEuge made a thread when he made V1 of his skin.

Yes and he fixed it.

I got mad at him there too.


Okay I’ve come to my senses and realized I’ve just been an asshole to you instead of helping you out.

If this is your first skin, it’s not bad. It could be much better even as a first skin. All you did was paint bland, matte colors onto it. They should have some sort of texture or depth to them. What are you using to skin them?

Don’t mess with the shoes when starting to skin, they usually make the skin look like crap.
If you really want to, just make them a darker or lighter color, don’t put anything to fancy yet.

I have done some skinning before my one, but even then, first version was terrible. Practise makes perfect, as one wise person used to say. Just try different things and you should get it the way you want it.