Skin texture replacement

As I was basically trying to change the skin color of Zoey parts of her face got black and purple errors when I used the faceposer. Please tell me how I can fix this or if I need to search for another skin texture. I as well tried all of this in Gimp.

oh boy thats really bad UV mapping

Your problem is not with the main texture but with the “compressed” texture. (forehead wrinkles, etc that get blended in when certain flexes go pat a certain threshold) Look for it in the default files, you probably just left that out.

Tell me about it…

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In Gimp, does it matter if you use the clone tool from another facemap?

Look at the neck

Well, I’ll get this fixed, once my computer doesn’t have a virus anymore. >_<

Well this is bad, how do I get this fixed and then?