Skinned Model Messed Up

I have a model that has it’s Material ID’s messed up but is already skinned.
How do I change the Material Id’s without the skin screwing up?

Can’t you just rename the textures to fit the mat id’s?

Are you using 3DS Max? If so, go to editable mesh and it may/may not have a warning (depending on if you’ve done it before) that it might screw something up. Do it anyways. Apply textures as needed.

If you’re using Milkshape or XSI or something, no idea.

3ds max, because there’s 6 textures and 2 mat id’s, there is a warning and it breaks skin.

Pfft it shouldn’t break the skin.

If there’s only two mat ID’s and you have six different diffuse textures than something is already broken. Apply corect mat ID’s to the respective polygons is a way to fix it.