Skinning and intermediate modeling request.!Luffy.png

For scout I was wondering if I could get a reskin of the shirtless model with a red vest and edited pants and hair for One piece Monkey D. Luffy skin. I figure I would throw in a skinned panama with a red band and the flip flop miscs for detail.

the second scout skin was really simple a default one except with a bright/or crimson red duffle bag reskin on BLU scout, also maybe gloves (?) if doable

[SUB]Wink fuckin wink if you get what this is you may see what I’ve got so far.[/SUB]

lastly a heavy remodel.

based on this, originally I was gonna use shirt less heavy with the modeled on short sleeeve. and the star tattos on the forearms with a blue hound dog.

with that chain I guess.

But then I saw that.

I wonder if it would be possible to replicate a model like that but with a short sleeved shirt and the bandoiler on it with slightly larger forearms.
Also one last default heavy reskin changing the fingerless gloves color to red from black.