Skinning problem

Hi people.

Days ago, I made a custom skin for the Jimmy Gibbs Jr’s car.

Everything was fine but here’s the result :

See how these horrible reflections are ruining my pictures…

I didn’t touch the .vmt file.
Can anyone know how to fix that (very annoying) problem ?

Thanks :holy:

Test it on a map other than gm_flatgrass. Preferably one with known-good cubemaps. Any of the CS maps, or HL2 maps would work.

I’d guess you lost the Alpha channel when you reskinned it so what you have there is a fully reflective envmap.

Just remove any lines regarding envmaps in the VMT and the reflectiveness will be removed.

Alternately if your skin isn’t too different from the original copy the alpha channel from the original texture into your texture’s alpha channel and then the reflectiveness will be like the originals.

Allright, it’s working, thank you Silver Spirit :tiphat:

np :smiley: