skinning question

Just have a question about a skin I was working on.

Ok, so I used VTFedit to export the skin into gimp, where I made my edit. I saved it and used VTFedit to import it back into a VTF file and then replaced the old file with the new one, but when I started the game up, I had the pink and black squares of death. What did I do wrong?

Did you change the texture name?

Did you change the directory it’s in?

Did you change the .VMT file?

no I did not change the name or directory. what do I do to the vmt file?

Don’t touch the .VMT file as long as you keep the same name as the original .VTF.

thats what I did, but K still get the pink and black squares. could I have imported the skin wrong?

Maybe. What are you trying to replace? Try uploading the file(s) you edited.

i would but its a custom file, and I don’t have/cant find the readme that will tell me if editing it is ok.