skins and bodygroups for playermodels

ok since my last thread didnt work (it was asking for a way to make random ragdolls be given animations) how about this

in the player models part under options there should be a way to change all your body groups of the player model you are using (obviously if it doesnt have the body group specified it will revert to the default) and the skin

Hmm, that’s an interesting idea.
I compiled a few playermodels with bodygroups and skin groups and this could be very usefull.

Try asking in the Lua Request Section.

but it would be much better if it was standard with gmod, that way every noob will have it and it would be placeable in the player models part (it may be doable as a community thing)

Yeah, it would be useful for Garry to add more user made tools, but alas, he doesn’t.
There isn’t even a normal bodygroup tool that comes with Gmod.