Skins for sale - Making then Selling ( cars)

Hello, First thread where people sell some skins! Select the skin you want and follow the template!
We do lots with cars such as the new police cars, admin cars, events cars, cool cars! <- A van that made lying out in workshop

6 more cars in the workshop: Skin Skin Skin Super Skin Super Skin

If you are interested to get their own skins? Contact me in steam, Or do you follow the template here:

  • What kind of car do you want? As for example (TDM car):
  • Photo of how your skin will look like?:
  • Any time you want it to?:
  • Any price you can, otherwise we can take it in chat!:
  • Your Skype / Steam name so we can contact you:

Cars we sell now: two police cars, both a small and a large …
Cost $ 10-15 each.

Bye! Merry Christmas

This is a joke right?

Hahahaha how fucking stupid would you have to be to fall for this shit, oh wow

Who the fuck would pay for a skin with ponies ?

What a deal!

Your really stupid, Learn to read my litle boy, i said we can make all you want, Just got a pic, Read template asshole.

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You do know that pretty much anyone can make their own skin, without having to pay you for a 5-10 minute Photoshop job.

Haha photoshop you say? It’s pretty hard to make them.

the skins are nice but not worth paying for

No, it’s super easy.

The police skins tooked long time, Maybe the both for 15-20 idk.

You know what’s more valibule than this?


“long time” - maybe 30 minutes at max, if that even
And those skins wouldn’t be worth the download for free.

I’m pretty sure there’s also copyrights on most if not all of the pictures you’re just pasting onto things, so asking for money for things you didn’t make is a pretty stupid thing to do.

your skins basically consist of pasting an image onto the texture, then maybe changing the hue a bit

no. i make police skins too and it takes about 20 minutes or a bit longer if youre trying to get it perfect, but i release all my stuff for free. honestly there are many other people who are better than you and also give away their stuff for free.

It’s impossible, You know how to make gta iv skins? Look in YT and you will see that it’s harder than u think.

is it harder then spelling out the actual word “you” instead of “u”?

It’s harder because it’s on a different engine. Source is highly modifiable, therefore it’s easy. One simple tutorial can get you there.

Also don’t be fucking stupid just selling those skins. They’re horrible and it’s 10 second shit.

Look… I would think a skin is worth paying for only if its something you put weeks worth into, like creating new normals from scratch something to that degree.
what you have here… its… laughable… it really is. you found images from google then pasted them on (badly) that miku car is a eye sore… doing what you did IS easy and anyone here can do it,
please go learn the skinning perk, and return to us when you grinded more XP points.