Skins For TDM - Help

So i have made a nice load of skins for my server, now i have an issue, i don’t know how to make into a VTF, and i do not know the material code and or how to upload to steam workshop.

Thanks in advance.


I have that but, that does not help.

Youre doing it wrong then. To be honest its probably one of the simplest things to use.

Well, for a first timmer its not.

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I don’t know how to automatically use the program.

Just watch a tutorial on youtube on how to convert a VTF file into a map. The first part is what you need to do.

I dont even know how to make a .png into a .VTF…, that’s why i am here.

No he goes through the process of making the VTF

Who is he… You have not linked a video or anything, just tolled me to find a video, and then expect me to be on the same one as you.

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There you go, took all of about a minute to make and upload.

Ok, so i don’t know if this is normal but:

Yes thats normal. You’re putting it on a 3d model.

Now how does one put this on the workshop and make it work with TDM