5 guys have crashed with the helicopter at the Hotel Facepunch Roof.
now they have to survive, and find some survivors…

Hahahaha I love it man!

Awesome man.

Good humor. Images get stretched a little in frames, english needs a little work.
I can’t wait for more.

For the First time I agree with Lebowski I can’t wait for more

The english is a bit off…and i’m not exactly sure whats going on in the comic…

but you made the effort…now effort…more!

Nice, very funny. Looking forward to more!

very nice, love to see more

Sweet! can’t wait for more!

I’m hungry.

personnally i would like to have seen a crashed or crashing helicopter because it kinda leaves it blank but what ever suits you man other then that keep up the good work

it will come a Flashback later


sounds good

Is that really what the side of that hotel looks like? Valve you lazy bastards.


I decided to make my own little series of events related to this, hope you don’t mind.


Lies I tell you!

…I only have a stash of Witch porn. :colbert:

haha no i don’t mind :smiley:

I love it. Fun Story and Zombies looks kinda funny.