Skins won't work on model.

i have a problem with skins, the problem is that the skins do not work properly, when i change a skin, the default one always stays on.

Photos and other stuff:
Texture folder:

QC File code:

$modelname	"blacksnow\rust_backpack.mdl"
$body mybody	"rust_backpack.smd"
$surfaceprop	carpet
$cdmaterials	"models\blacksnow"

$sequence idle	"rust_backpack.smd" // no animation wanted, so re-using the reference mesh

 $TextureGroup "skinfamilies"

$collisionmodel	"rust_backpack-phys.smd"

Screenshot ingame:

Am i doing something wrong?

Did you changed paths to textures in all VMT files?

I did

Try moving the texturegroups to the line below $body, that might work.

I think you just forgot to close the $texturegroup block code
try this:

$texturegroup skinfamilies
	{ "bag_Camo_Desert"  }
	{ "bag_Camo_Forest" }
	{ "bag_Camo_Woodland" }
	{ "bag_Plain_Green" }

The first skin needs to be the default material that’s going to be swapped in the following skingroups. The following entries look for and replace the vmts referenced by the first skingroup. Right now, the skingroups are working, they’re just looking for and replacing bag_camo_desert on the mesh, which probably isn’t assigned to any faces.