Hi I have found a number of really awesome skins from the Ultiame Skins Pack!
The problem is. Its not 1 mdl file like I am used 2
Every skin have about 20 diffrent files
Is there a way to make all of those diffrent files into 1? So I can put it in the pointshop
Thanks for the helpers

You only need the .mdl file for pointshop. Then force your users to download that addon and you are done.

How do I force them to do it? Simply put the addon in the FastDL under garrys mod\addons

If you see no .lua file in the lua/autorun folder of the addon, then you’ll have to resource.AddFile() all of the files of the addon, which can easily be done using this tool.
Make sure to upload the everything but the /lua/ folder of the addon onto the FastDL folder.