Skipping an "update"

I was going to uninstall steam and I moved the steamapps folder, but before I did that, steam started up and was working, so I moved the garrysmod folder into common. When I loaded steam and clicked the install button, I thought it would instantly be done because I have the game files, but I had made a mistake, I had moved the garrysmod folder into the steamapps folder and not into common, so steam was actually trying to install the game, so I exited steam and moved the folder, but Steam is still trying to install Gmod, so how can I stop it?

The only way you’re going to skip updating is if you play Garry’s Mod in offline mode until the next update comes out which could be anywhere from a few weeks to a whole year depending on if there’s anything short term that needs to be done. The update’s not even that bad, there’s more fixes this time around than anything.

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