[SkirMish] Asia-Oceanic GunArena!AllDayAdmins!Banlist!50%BlastDmg [NEW EXCLUSIVE ARENA PLUGIN]

EDIT: New and improved gunfight plugin exclusive only to a few developers - come in and check it out!

Hi, we are a recently established server looking for a mostly mature playerbase, the server is primarily based on the Asia-Oceanic region, but others can also feel free to join up. The administrators are active and always responsive to issues especially those regarding hacks and cheats. Subject to individual approval, you can also notify them over steam chat in order not to alert those currently hacking. Hopefully we should be able to get that up by next week. Character information will be backed up and saved. Wipes will be kept at a minimal unless substantial damage has been dealt to the server, although the chances are pretty low. More information below.

Server name: [SkirMish] Asia-Oceanic GunArena!AllDayAdmins!Banlist!50%blastdmg

IP: net.connect (paste it in F1 console to bypass the inbuilt server browser)

Website: http://skirmishcommunity.enjin.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/scirmish
Twitter: http://twitter.com/skirmishcomm
Steam Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/skirmishrust


  • Sleeper
  • PVP
  • 50% Explosive damage
  • Scripted Gunfight Arena
  • Mature community
  • Tickets
  • Ping
  • Chat History
  • Credit for donators



Good server, friendly admins. Server is new, so hurry get started to build your bases :stuck_out_tongue:

trying this 1 out

Excellent server for anyone looking for an Asia server. Admins are very active :slight_smile:

Great Asia server i purposely created a account to credit this server because its awesome man +1

Good to see it filling up, we hit 35 on the first day :slight_smile:

Built a small village for beginners, do sound out if you need directions there


Helping to bump as welL!


Great server it has like events and the admins also manage to catch hacker quickly and disabled fall damage to counter suicide hack.

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of Gekkis" - postal))

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of Gekkis. no more alts" - postal))


great server fast responsive admins with spying skills

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alot hackers banned normally 5 to 10 seconds of responsive time for admin to spy the hacker and bans are fair and square and disabled falling damage players dont need to cared about suicide hack players been increasing rapidly



bump :smiley:

really really nice admins


Just rolled in oxide and shiny new updates

Hello. i was wondering if you guys need any admins? my name is willson. but everyone calls me will. im 18. and i an handle most situations with logical calm answers. so if you could. contact me on steam at Willson150. id love to hear from you guys

Sorry we’re all full up at the moment. Do you speak any other languages fluently besides English though?

On another note, we updated with a website, huzzah!

Reached 100 members today!

Updated to reflect ranking