Skits:Hack city bitch!

ok so as you can see threw my title you can already tell what i mean! all servers are basically run’ed by no clippers and walls hackers( people who walk threw walls) its just unbelievable how many people are hacking its almost as if its part of the game! I can’t run out side for like a few minutes without some one flying around and killing me. sleeper servers are just pointless because people just walk threw walls and kill you while you sleep and take everything! Im not here calling names but its almost unplayable i have been killed so many times by hackers and have lost so much by these hackers honestly before you guys continue development you guys should fix the hack first, because for now its unplayable!!! and i believe that you guys have been addressed on this many times already, but its ubsured how much hacking is going on!

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personally i haven’t seen any hackers. But what i do think is that they should put a server limit of about 50 for now till the map gets expanded or have a second server for the us west and east.

Yea 500 people in one server is way to many.

100 people on the tiny part of the map is kinda crazy to right now.

Cloudflare op.

sO WHICH IS IT … TOO MANY PEOPLE OR TOO MANY HACKERS? This thread appears to be going off track. As for hackers so what deadl with it and if you are playing on a sleeper server then whos fault is it really? if you know whats being done. Play the normal servers and deal with the DDOSSer’s until they fix it. Its alpha and stop complaining about something you clearly paid for and hope they willl fix it soon. dont let it kill the game for you.

All servers are sleeper servers right now…you fool. Sleepers can be killed even on PvE servers making them PvP now. The hacking is getting absurd and I’m starting to think that maybe the DDoS’er is doing a good thing now. The game is becoming unplayable unless your hacking. Guys are flying, jumping, and clipping all over. Had a team mate shoot a guy 10 times rapid fire in the head and he just flew off.

Yes the game is in Alpha, but alphas need testers. If the current hacking trend continues you will have no legitimate players on and be left with self centered retards playing that only live to grief. They will contribute next to nothing to the development of the game. At the current rate the game will die out fast and lose all its player base…

If that’s the case then, then I won’t be playing I don’t like pvp

Up until today I’ve tested Rust everyday for at least 3 hours a day (15+ on my days off). But my confidence is dwindling in the dev team. Not because hacking hasn’t been dealt with. But, because it’s being outright ignored. I created a thread on this and a mod or dev changed the thread title to say it’s not a priority.

I’ve been through a lot of tests. Many years of online and offline testing. Some games that have never seen the light of day. I’ve only known one game with a similar hacking problem (this big and as detrimental)… War Z. I’d hate to see this game be the next War Z. With a public access Alpha like this, you can’t ignore it. You absolutely can’t put hacking on the backburner.

Any way… I could go on all day about the importance, give examples of good and bad games with these issues and how they responded to them… but I think it’s falling on deaf ears.

No one should be getting to attached to items in game while its in an early alpha stage

Maybe the devs want all the hackers to come out so they can fix up the loopholes…

We can not critisize the devs untill the game hits full release, hackers can hack all they want in alpha

PrimusPalus, the game is in alpha and what the devs are focusing on right now is getting the engine right. I seriously question why you can’t get this through your head even after your thread title got changed (and then you shat yourself and took it far more seriously than anyone else did).


I agree with the fact of Hacker’s and the Cliping I honestly haven’t played the game yet because of the DDoS attacks.

But I have seen plenty of my friends have this flying/clipping problem so right now Customer Demand is high on having it fixed so if it was fixed…good. If not then the game will go bad and become pointless so for those that lose their items/stuff to Hacker’s and Clipper’s Hold the game off maybe they will leave maybe not but they better fix or it is basically unplayable at any point in time!

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I hardly “shat” myself. I asked what the reasoning was and made a point to let everyone know that it wasn’t my doing. I’ve kept my cool and been very reasonable thus far. My problem is not with the hacking. Hacks will always show up. My problem has been the response to it. The T-Rex mentality… if you don’t move, it won’t see you. In this case, if it’s ignored, it’ll go away.

Again, I’ve been through hundreds of Alphas and Betas. I get the stages of development. I get the need to tweak key components first. Trust me, I understand this. I don’t understand the silence on the issue.

The sleeper system was hardly necessary at this stage. Even more so and detrimental to testing is having this feature while people can walk through walls and kill you in your sleep.

I would like to just hear from the devs with perhaps (even better) a timetable of when we can expect this problem to be addressed. At the VERY least, let’s see the documented hackers (on video) banned. That shouldn’t be too hard of a step and not unreasonable.

Stop complaining that he can’t play the game he payed money for?