Skittles Box for a Machinima

Hello there,

for my next machinima I need a skittles box. A rectangle skittles box, basically the whole machinima involves around Skittles. I don’t know much about modeling but it shouldn’t be to hard of a job since it’s only a rectangle box with 6 textures. Only the front of the box should have the Skittles front all the other sides can be red.

Here is the texture for the front:

And if you’re wondering what machinima’s ive made before here’s a few examples:


I remember the first video. I think my brother showed it to me once. Neat stuff.

I’ll be able to make this tomorrow. And whilst I’m making some stuff, would you be able to make use of something like an open version of the box, or individual skittles?

Well now you say it, a open box would be better I don’t need the idividual skittles just the box. I did attempt some modeling it shouldn’t be too hard to make since it’s only straight shapes.

Thank you very much,

PS I also added you on steam.