Skream - Rust videos mega thread!

In this thread I will be posting all my latest Rust videos, this usually varies from awesome plays, great teamwork & funny events! Enjoy! Feel free to leave any form of feedback.

Latest Episode: (28/10/2014)

My Channel:

Feel free to drop some feedback! Stay Tuned!

Previous Rust Videos:

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Thanks for any form of feedback, good or bad

Awesome I will be sure to check back for more :wink:

Love your videos man.

Thanks bud!

That pipe spree tho

I love you


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IKR! I’m getting a lot better with shotguns - usually I suck with them :stuck_out_tongue:

Scream what ingame resolution u have ?? What happen with you hands at video ?

1920x1080 - I just changed my FOV that was it, but it looks like you cannot do it at this current build of Rust.

Well your already real good with the pipe. Better than me anyways

Cheers :slight_smile:

New episode out! - Hunting Kevs & Fighting Hackers

Great new episode man

Cheers bud

Love the vids man

Awesome :slight_smile:

New video out! :arrow_backward: Rust EP13 - Gearing Fast, Fighting Kevs & Epic Battles!

Awesome as always :smiley:

Thanks buddy.

what size servers do you play on if you don’t mind my asking?