Skull Fuck

I’m going to work on this one a bit more, it didn’t turn out as good as I wanted it to.

Wow D:
This is scary 0_о

The head was okay but the mouth seems overdone.

Good work.

Yeah it looks a bit weird because originally that dark edge that meets the cheek was supposed to look like folded back skin from around the lip, but now it kind of looks like theres no skin there at all.

The blood brushes seriously let you down.

I thought skull fucking was putting your dick in the eye socket?

Yeah the blood brushes are a bit dark and sharp.

But damn, that looks painful. It’s not often that a gmod pic can conjure physical pain in me. Congratulations, for whatever that’s worth :keke:

“Ouch” comes to mind. Nice work.

What the hell is wrong with the blurring?

:sweatdrop: :fh:

Well, he sure is fucked now.

Skull Fuck indeed

Artistic… very artistic, and scary

When i read the title I was like “Oh look, some alyx or w/e model get blowobbed raped”

then I saw the picture

then i was like “Oh dear god :(”

Holy crap. :ohdear:

That’s a fantastic edit!

I just used the blur tool quickly.
I plan on fixing it later so the aliens body is less blurred than the background and so the face is less blurred than the body.