Skull Kid

I have searched everywhere for the Skull Kid from Majora’s Mask. I’ve even seen it in some images here, but searching has not helped at all. “Skull Kid” brings up nothing relevant, nor does “Skull Kid Majora.” Its not on the Model Resource and google brings up nothing useful. I’m finding things like this

While all I want is the actual model rip from the game. Does anyone have a link to share?

Its been 4 weeks with no comment : /

Just look for a Zelda pack. If I remember right, it’s in a big pack with Majora’s Mask, OoT, and Twilight Princess stuff.

There’s a model or two of him in that pack.

Thanks, but I was kinda hoping for a .obj file or something. Does anything like that exist, or should I just use a decompiler?

I’d say use a decompiler to get the .SMD files. You can convert them to .OBJ afterwards.