Skullface from MGS: Ground Zeroes

I’m rather surprised this has not been ported over to Garry’s mod already, considering the “blow up” of MGS: Ground Zeroes content a few months back.

ive been working on him, with help from friends.

expect a release in a week or so

Looks really good, will he have an wet/rain bodygroup?

i will try my best to add one.

Just keep it away from Rastifan.
That is, unless you want a shriveled up, burnt cock as a bodygroup.

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, that made my day!

I would not say Rasti, but some people from They’re really weird.
Rasti is a nice guy when you speak with him kindly.

Evil-Ash, then?

id never release my stuff outside of the workshop and FP, keep inmind someone on sfmlab made a nude MGS 4 sunny.

Wow, I actually remember seeing some FP comments regarding that a while back…

Let’s just say that I saw some pictures, and I don’t exactly approve of said model.


Who takes things this seriously lol (Not including the guy who made the Sunny model)