Sounds really interesting!

Looks like my dreams of a human skull cod-piece just crept a little closer to becoming reality…

Skull & Bone walled houses…

Garry Newman’s Rust island stone hatchet massacre

Starring Bob as “Radface”

well that damned wolf god IS in the background irradiating everyone;)

You mean Holo the wolf goddess? :3

I want to be able to rip out the skull and spinal chord of my prey and decorate my base camp with them like in the predator movie. Me and my friends love being bandits

yes sounds awsome

I’m more excited about the spoiled apples.

mmm, appplejack :eng101:

Gore would be awesome, gibbed skull’s and other body parts so to speak.

i think it would be cool to make helmets with the wolf skull !

Anyone all ready found one!?

i love gore, these skulls are insane :wink: