Skully the Scavenging Pyro

please just fucking kill me these are so fucking awful oh god the titles wont change

Look for things.

Wonder why the rocks are a jarringly different color then the wall.

i’m basically ready to die at this point

Ignore the corpse in the background of the last frame. Never ever EVER go near it.

Yeah, head in the opposite direction of the control point.

I want to play 2fort

i just want this to be over please please just let it all end right now

Homewreck that fence,

And look for a vehicle the get the fuck out of dustbowl.
After all, you don’t want to get killed by dozens of sentries, do you?

i just want it all to end

What the hell.

please end me

Do it. He doesn’t deserve the gift of living.

i made a comic where the main character dies via tentacle rape? what the fuck?

Assuming that’s the end, this is officially my favorite interactive comic.

I’ll give this shitty comic a SALVAGED OUT OF 10

This is the best interactive comic I’ve seen.


Wow, someone actually finished an interactive comic FOR THE FIRST TIME.

Give this man an award.