Sky Bug in DarkRP

it started 2 days ago when i look up it turns black and when i look down it turns into a normal looking sky.
i verify my game cache didn’t help, i reinstall my game that didnt work too and i also remove some of the useless addons like player model etc

Heres what im talking about

Thats not the default sky, have you got something modifying the skybox in anyway, entities or addons?

(Unless its a map with that as default, what map are you on?)

Maybe Atmos could be bugging out if you have that addon.

I’m pretty sure he is running on rp_downtown_v4c (or some v4 I don’t remember) which have a sky bug at the fountain square

Unless its a custom version of v4c its day time normally.

Its likely a bug/conflict with some addon/setting and not his game like you’re saying

i ask the mod what addon they use for the sky, he said “atmos” something i forgot but i didnt sub to that addon on my steam which didnt really help

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yes that is it but theres like “ug” something custom basically

Maybe atmos isn’t compatible with that map, I remember the same problem on a downtown map too

Do you have counter strike source mounted in your game and is it mounted on their server? Rp_downtown relies on data from CS:S so if you do have it mounted try and see the map in single player. If it works, the server probably doesn’t have CS:S mounted.