Sky Fort

Sky fort made by Tweak and I. We finished it in 2 days. There are two parts of it, the main (with the lift) and the actual floating part. Pics and video:


That fort is tubular.

Super Mario World?

I guess its nice.

I saw the title sky fort, and laughed, then I clicked, and was pleasently suprised it wasnt a prop attatched to a hoverball with a cargo container on it.

Thank you.

Looks halarious. Nice.

I dislike how the fences hover above it.

I wouldn’t call it a fort but it’s neat

I liked the video music, the height and the big rotating sign. Nice job but nothing spectacular.

how did you get the tubes to launch you like that?
if i could only figure out i could make a death machine that launches crates at people…

Download wire

select forcer, spawn, attach to a constant value (with high number) … done, step on the beam and WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE :ms:

Nice tower you got there, especially the top.